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Soul Talk

Our grief over the loss of a loved one, often blinds us to the fact that they are never really gone. They have departed their physical bodies, but the'r soul, spirit, and energy is very much alive and well. In fact, it is stronger than when they were among us on the physical plane.

During our one-hour Soul Talk session, I will call upon my guides and have them usher your loved one or ones forward so that you may hear and experience the messages that they have for you. Believe me when I say that they are just as excited as you are to be reunited and communicate.

At the beginning of the session, your loved ones will share messages, memories, and details about their life that will serve as confirmation of their presence. Once confirmation has been established, messages will flow through me and I will be able to pass them along to you. Depending on your loved one's preferred method of communication, the messages that I receive can be in the form of images, sounds, or just straight dialogue. Often times, Spirit will have me write out the message that they wish to share as it is easier for both them and myself.

Reserve your time today and be prepared to have a spiritually enlightening experience where you get to know your loved one on a much

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