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What is Reiki?

Originating in Japan in 1922, Reiki is the practice of energy healing. "rei" (universal) and "ki" (life energy) is used to channel the Universal Energy through the practitioner into the client. Through this channeling, the blockages that are present within one or more of the Chakras are clear, thus allowing the individual's energy to flow freely throughout the body, bringing balance back into their life.

Everyone has 7 Chakras, or Energy Centers, located down their spinal column, each being a power source for various functioning systems in the body. Injuries, emotional or spiritual pain, and traumas can cause energy to become blocked in one or more of these Chakras, causing illness, physical pain, depression, anxiety, etc.

As a Reiki Master, I am able to locate any blocks that are present and gently clear them so that the life energy can flow smoothly throughout the body's system, thus alleviating any physical, emotional, or spiritual pain.

There are three levels of Reiki mastery that one can work through, and I have worked and studied through all three to reach the level of Reiki Master. As a Reiki Master, I am able to conduct a Reiki session from a distance if the client is not able to attend a session in person. I have conducted Reiki in this fashion on a daily basis and the results have been transforming and amazing for those on the receiving end.

I have also developed techniques which allow me to use Reiki to connect a client's energy with that of a loved one, whether they be living or passed. The benefit of doing so has given clients the opportunity to connect with those people on a level that they didn't believe possible, and through doing so, they have been able to heal emotional hurts and reconcile relationships that have been fractured.

If you are interested in booking a Reiki session, click the button below and if you would like more information, check out my blog post on my personal experiences and transformations within my own daily Reiki practice.

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