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See What You Know

"See what you know, rather than know what you see." This message has consistently come up in my Reiki sessions, my readings, and my life over the last several months. It is such a powerful message and has such a universal meaning and has really helped me through some very tough times.

When I reflect back on messages that were hammered into my head as a child such as, 'You are worthless,' 'You are unlovable,' or 'You are shameful,' I only have to see the truth to override what I was taught to know. I see that I have worth, both to myself and to others. I see that I am loved by many and I am loved by myself. I see that shame has no room in my life, for the shame of what has happened is not mine to carry. I SEE all these things and Know them to be true.

So often, we walk through this life knowing what we see, not realizing that the truth is not always visible or obvious to the eye. Sometimes we have to look beyond the surface to see what is really there. Think of a young child who is throwing a tantrum. A person observing from the outside may see this child as defiant, disrespectful, or deviant and take what they see and turn it into what they know, but if we stop and listen and ask the child what they are upset about, we will see what the truth of the matter really is.

Think about a time when you were out in public and someone passing by gave you a look that assumed was negative. ou might start thinking ill of that person or you might turn it inward and start believing that you did something wrong or maybe you start questioning the way you loo. All of these assumptions start you spiraling down a rabbit hole of negativity when the fact of the matter is that you have no idea what that person was thinking, but chances are pretty high that what they were thinking had absolutley nothing to do with you. Perhaps they were having a bad day

When I do a reading for someone I always tell them not to read into the cards that are presented, as there is more in the knowing than the seeing. For example, during one reading in which my client wanted to know what the future of her relationship looked like and the card that was pulled was the 'Disruption' card. At first glance, my client assumed that this was a negative sign and that her relationship was doomed to fail, but the message that came with that card proved the contrary. A disruption doesn't have to be a negative expereince by any means and this particualr disruption was very much a positive as it represented iminent sucess that her partner's business was going to expereince. This success would be a disruption in that it would mean that they would not be able to spend as much time as she liked together for the time being, but in the long run, this was a very positive message as this influx of business would bring them closer to their shared goal of being together in marriage.

Anxiety is another message where we often don't see what we know. Most people see anxiety as an expectation of something bad happening, but it can also be anticipation of something wonderful happening. During a recent reading that I conducted for myself, I pulled the 'Shadow' card and my immediate response was the kicking in of my anxiety. My body started to get warm and my heart started beating rapidly. When I allowed myself to still and listen to the message that the Universe was trying to share with me, I realized that the 'Shadow

card represented the letting go of the pain of the past. I was about to embark on the final leg of my therapeutic journey towards emotional healing. I was finally at the place where I could shake loose from the final ties to my past abuse and free myself of the memories, the pain, the hurt, and the shame. For once I could step out of the shadows of my past and begin to walk in the light of my truth. I was still experiencing symptoms of anxiety, but it was a positive anxiety. It was a sign that all of the hard work that I had put in over the last decade was about to come full circle and I would emerge healthier, happier, and stronger. Had I not allowed myself to listen and had just known what I saw, I would have missed experiencing the sweetness of the moment that I have been waiting so long for.

I have come to use and repeat the message of "See what you know" several times a day when I find myself doing the contrary by knowing what I see. I have two teenage sons and this message has been a lifesaver when those teenage hormones begin to rage. In the past I would know what I see and take their emotional outbursts personally and I would begin to doubt the strength of the relationships that I have forged between my sons and myself. Now, when the walls begin to shake from teenage angst and irritation, I see what I know. I know that I am a good mother. I know that I have a great relationship with my sons and that this is normal teenage behavior and is not a reflection of my parenting. I know that someday soon, the teenagers living in my house will be grown men and it is best to cherish the moments that I have because I will miss them....not today but someday.

My advice to all reading this blog is to start seeing what you know and notice the difference that it makes in your life. Notice that things become slightly easier and lighter in energy. Notice that you have the power to create positive energy around you. In the world today, we all need positive energy now more than ever. I know that I see a lot of people living from a place of fear and I choose to bring as much positive energy into my environment as I can and the results have been amazing. While the world outside often seems on the brink of total chaos, my little world is chugging along happy and healthy.

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