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Numerology Core Profile

Kara’s Core Profile

Core Numbers:                                                                           Predictive Cycles:

Birthday Number- 11                                                                     Attitude Number- 5

Destiny Number- 2                                                                     Maturity Number- 1

Personality Number- 8

Soul Number- 3/12                                                                    Concords:

Life Path Number- 8                                                                   2,4,8

Universal Year Number- 4

Personal Year Number- 9

Age Vibration- 9

Personal Month- 1


Birthday Number: 

    Your soul chose the day you were born, giving you the gifts, tolls, and lessons you need to fulfill your destiny. The significance of your Birthday Number cannot be overstated. This number provides you with information about who you are, your talents, and your higher purpose. Your Birthday Number comes with a gift, or special talent, that has a big impact on your life.

    The vibration of the Birthday Number is one of the easiest to pick up on in someone’s energy. This number reveals both a special talent and a lesson. There is some variation in the Birthday Number based on the original number, meaning someone born on the 7th will have a slightly different character than someone born on the 16th or 25th, although there is a common tone to their experiences, talents, and preferences.

Master Numbers:

    Master Numbers are a blessing and a burden. Those born with Master Numbers are given extra gifts and talents, which come with harder lessons and bigger expectations. The obstacles you must overcome are greater than those with birthday numbers of 1-9.

    For all of the opportunities and possible potential, there is an equal prospective for deceit, duality, and pure evil. History is filled with examples of both presidents and dictators to famous missionaries and certified super-villains.

    From a compatibility perspective, two people with Master Numbers will have an instant understanding of one another on a deep vibrational level.


Master Number 11 (Your birthday is the 11th or 29th)

    Your intuitive gifts are abundant. You are kind, and you are a peace-keeper. You’re capable of spotting trends and pushing boundaries. You can also be manipulative and capable of extremes. Your lesson is to learn decisiveness and to not give up on your dreams


Destiny Number

    Your Destiny Number reveals your mental and physical talents as well as the shadows in your character. The Destiny Number represents the highest potential that you will spend a lifetime trying to reach fulfill. It is the expression of your goals relating to career, family, and the type of person you want to be.

Destiny Number 2: The Team Player

    Destiny Number 2 is naturally tactful, charming, good with details, cooperative, and patient. You excel as apart of a team and are better in a partnership than a leadership position.

    You tend to second-guess yourself and lack confidence in your choices. The sensitivity that allows you to work so well with others can be a delicate balance in the workplace. Since you don’t like to be the center of attention, you must make sure that others recognize and appreciate your efforts and give you credit where credit is due, or you may be overlooked. People trust you and admire your thoughtful, generous nature. If you don’t feel this respect from others, you will not be comfortable or perform well.

    When living from your shadow side, you become overly sensitive, a crybaby, sneaky, manipulative, and a convincing liar, revealing your duality. You can become confrontational instead of diplomatic.

    You will be happiest when you are making a positive and dynamic contribution to a team. Bering harmony, balance, and cooperation to everything you do, and you will feel fulfilled and overcome your shadow. Whether it is with family, friends, or colleagues, become a peacemaker and a harmonizing influence in whatever situations you find yourself.

Personality Number

    This is the number that dictates the first impression you make on others. Knowing your Personality Number will give you a better understanding of how others perceive you.

    The Personality Number is expressed in the external image you choose to project through your reactions, behaviors, and responses, whether consciously or unconsciously.

    The Personality Number is a gatekeeper to our true nature. It is there to protect your feelings and heart. It censors what you send out and what kind of people or information you let in. It acts as a filter for who and what gets to enter your inner world, deflecting certain vibrations and choosing those that best resonate with you.

    The Personality Number is also a career directives it projects your natural talent and ability. It is the number that usually gets you hired.

Personality Number 8: Strong and Impressive

    Influential, powerful, ambitious, authoritative, business-minded, visionary, confident, refined, ruthless, greedy, conceited, controlling.


Soul Number

    This is the number that rules decisions made by the heart. Sometimes called the Heart’s Desire Number, it reveals your private self that only those closest to you get to see. It’s where your dreams, desires, longings, and true inner motivations lie and dictates how you operate in heartfelt relationships.

    When this number is in harmony with your Life Path Number, you will make decisions easily. When it is the same as your Life Path Number, you will wear your heart on your sleeve. Your private self will read more like an open book. If your Soul Number and Life Path Number are in conflict, you will be indecisive- your head and your heart will want different things. If this is the case, you will be a little more complex and surprise people with your actions or decisions at times.

Soul Number3: The Flirt

    Enchanting and flirty, the Soul Number 3 makes others laugh and feel special with their sparkling personality. You tend to follow the fun and struggle with a “grass is greener” mentality, which can cause you to be noncommittal in relationships

    You may hide your true emotions with humor and excessive talking. If you are not happy, others will know from your words, which can be like knives, intended to hurt.

    Your lesson is to always give others the recognition they deserve, to not take people for granted, and to not make them feel like your sidekick.


Life Path Number:

    Your Life Path number reveals the special path you will navigate in this lifetime. Life Path is the most important number in your Core Profile, uncovering your natural talents and abilities, character, and unique opportunities and the important lessons that will help you achieve your destiny. It reveals even more about your true nature than any other number. The Life Path provides a blueprint for your opportunities and challenges on this journey.

    Your Life Path number can show you more information about a person than any other number. It reveals where you will find your success, power, and energy. Even more important, it will also uncover the shadow side of your personality and reveal hidden motivations. Once you’re tuned into it, this number can lead you to a fulfilling career that utilizes your natural talents and capabilities as well as nourishing relationships and greater self-awareness. This number also offers insights into other numbers in your core profile. The placement of each number affects the meaning as well.

Energy and Life Path of the 8

    Born to the boss- if you’re not in charge, you’ll pretend to be. You’re a visionary, but you can also be reckless. Remember, there’s a fine line between power and corruption, and you must walk it carefully. You like money and will spent it extravagantly. Anything you do involving money will backfire if done for the wrong reasons. However, success can be yours if you operate with integrity and authenticity. You must remember that rewards may not always be financial- they also come if the form of recognition and legacy. Many 8’s experience multiple fortunes and failures in a lifetime

    Showing love and affection is difficult for you. Resist being opinionated and controlling. Your life can be a revolving door of relationships and friendships. At a low vibration, you can have difficulty being loyal and keeping secrets and can come off as hypocritical. Ego, arrogance’s and selfishness can be your downfall. Your anger can be explosive, but it always blows over quickly. Learn from these experiences. Take responsibility, sincerely apologize, and evolve.

    8’s often go through many jobs at different companies, trying to find their niche. As an 8 you will excel at anything in the business world where you can advance and gain influence, such as banking, real estate, finance, journalism. You’re at your best organizing, coaching, supervising, and directing. You are motivated by money, power, and recognition. Work on practicing and improving your tact so your ideas are better received.

    Health challenges for 8’s include stress-related problems such as high blood pressure and cardiac issues.

    The shape of the 8, made up of two conjoined circles, represents the spiritual and material. You must always keep these two worlds in balance. Without balance, the 8 will never find true satisfaction. This symmetrical shape also means that complete and total reversals are possible for you at any time.


Attitude Numbers

    Your Attitude Number is about how you present to the world, the attitude and vibration you naturally exude. Understood by others intuitively and without conscious thought, this is where people will decide if they like you or not and if they can vibe with you in a positive way. It’s about first impressions and judgments. It makes sense that this number also often gets you hired.

Attitude Number 5

    You use your charisma to navigate through and get what you want out of life. You prefer a jet-fueled existence of adventure and fun; you seem to fear nothing and are always looking for a rush. You function best in an environment that’s constantly changing, dynamic, and even chaotic. Others will pick up on your intolerance of boredom.


The Maturity Number

    You will not feel The Maturity Number strongly until you reach your 40’s, and it won’t be actualized until you are around age 50. This number is where your true self is found and can help you finally feel comfortable in your own skin. This number plays an important role as you grow older, integrating with your Life Path Number and providing a theme for the second half of your human experience.

    If your Maturity Number is part of a concord with your other numbers, the shift in your energy will be subtle. If it is a brand-new number, the changes will be dramatic.

Maturity Number 1

    You will require more independence and individuality and need to fight harder for recognition and rewards. Guard against becoming a bully and combative.


The Concords

    In Numerology, there are three unique concords, triads, of numbers that naturally go together. Within each group, the numbers share common interests and traits. On a very basic level, these concords can be used to predict how well you will get along with other numbers and the likelihood of a long relationship or friendship with someone you meet.

    You’ll probably find that many of your friends, romantic relationships, and people you share common interests with will be part of your concord. With these people, you will find a natural understanding and bond.

    If your Birthday and Life Path fall into different concords, you may find that you don’t always know what you want. When you meet people for the first time, consider both concords and pay attention to how you relate to them on different levels.

2-4-8: The Business-Minded Concord

    These numbers are where the moneymakers, workaholics, and corporate ladder climbers are found. They are career-minded achievers and find success in business development, operations and management. They are generally practical, grounded, and efficient.


Karmic Lessons

    Karmic lessons are revealed by the missing energy in your name, represented by missing letters. There are nine possible Karmic Lessons, although most people have only two or three.

    Think of the missing energy as tools you can’t easily access. You must instead learn to develop these skills on your own.

    The effect of any of the Karmic Lessons will be diminished and easier if you have the missing number included somewhere else in your Core Profile.

Lesson 4: Missing D, M, or V

    If you are missing Lesson 4, you will struggle to stay organized. You need to build a foundation and learn to discipline in order to avoid scattering your energies. Procrastination is often an issue.

Lesson 7: Missing G, P, or Y

    You must learn the lesson of authenticity and seek spiritual enlightenment. You may struggle with learning and school. Stick with it in order to specialize and perfect your talents.


Universe Year

    The calendar year reduced to a single number. It is where our collective energy is found. Everyone feels the energy of the Universe Year to some degree or another. The impact of its vibration is evident in news cycles, major world events, and other highlights that emerge throughout the year.


Personal Year

    The most relevant and potent cycle that influences your experiences. Each year of the 9-year cycle carries its own unique demands, rhythm, and personality. There are lessons to be learned, options to be weighed, and moments to be seized within each cycle, so knowing where you fall can unlock important mysteries about your life path.

    Your current Personal Year energy will run from January to the end of December. When the Universal calendar advances, so will your personal year..

    It is important to be mindful of the “halo effect” that will influence the first three and last three months of any personal year. The new energy of the next year can begin to be felt as soon as October, and the old energy from the previous year lingers around until March. Also note that if you have an Attitude Number 9, you will correspond to the energy of the personal year and feel the world’s energy more intensely.

    Every year of the 9-year cycle will be filled with different adventures to help you grow and evolve throughout your life. The unique experiences, challenges, and opportunities of each cycle will add important knowledge and coping skills to your toolbox.

    Some years are easier than others; some feel fast, some slow. Events will make more sense because you can recognize and reflect on them with the perspective of numerology. Having this information means that your lessons will come easier and your growth will be more seamless.

    Take advantage of the predictive powers of the Personal Year and become an active architect of your life.

Personal Year 9: The Year of Completion and Release

    This is the year to complete things and let fo of what no longer serves you. You’ve reached the end of your 9-year cycle and are primed to receive the rewards from all your growth and hard work.

    If you try to start things during a 9 Year, like relationships or a new job, they likely won’t stick. Your courage a d strength will be tested. Toxic relationships will fall away, and lingering problems can find resolution. This is the time to get closure and heal.

    Forgiveness is important now. Release the past to make room for your future. You don’t want resentment living rent-free when you have an exciting new tenant in the prospects of your nest Year 1. Clear some space to dream big and make plans.


Age Vibration- 9

    Apply  what you have learned about the energy of the Personal Year cycles to this number. This energy will be an undercurrent to your Personal Year. Your Age Vibration will run from one birthday to the next, when you will recalculate it.


Personal Month:

Wile your Personal Year reveals the theme of the life cycle you’re in, the Personal Month is a secondary energy to help you complete your tasks and lessons. Personal months are like added spice on your Personal Year energy. In turn, each Personal Year gives a different flavor to your Personal Months. These two numbers work in harmony, guiding you along your soul’s growth journey.

Personal Month 1

Just begin! Start emoting new and manifest your plans with the New Moon. 

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