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Animal Reiki Energy Healing Session

Animals are no different than humans in that they feel stress, anxiety, sadness, and a whole host of emotions that can cause their bodies to become out of balance. Like us, they too have 7 Chakras that need to be aligned in order to be healthy and happy.  Reiki is a gentle form of healing that will help remove any energy blockages that your pet may have. 
While Reiki can not cure diseased, it can alleviate joint and hip pain, digestive issues, separation anxiety, etc. I have been working with poets for a few years and have found that they respond well to Reiki and actually love it.  Because they tend to be more comfortable in their own surroundings, the Reiki session will be done at your home. The session lasts about half an hour or until your pet lets me know that they are satisfied. The session are done best when conducted in a quiet and calming space in the house without a lot of activity, such as the area where they sleep at night.

Animal Reiki Energy Healing Session: Service
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