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About Myself


As a young child, I was often told that I had my head in the clouds and was a consummate daydreamer. I can not argue that, as my reality was one that I sought escape from on a daily basis; however, I was not 'daydreaming."

It wasn't until I was in adulthood and deeply entrenched in my healing process that I realized the full extent of spiritual gifts that I possessed. Reflecting back on my life, it became evident that I was born with 'gifts' that enabled me to survive what my life had in store for me.

Being a person who has gone through many difficult challenges, I felt compelled to use my gifts and knowledge acquired to help others find their way through their own healing.

I wasn't sure how I was going to bring this desire to fruition until I had a visit from my husband's deceased father. 

It had been 21 years since he passed and is a loss that my husband never talks about. I was nervous about telling my husband that his father visited me because he is a bit skeptical, but I felt that I just had to share the messages that I received with him. As we were sitting at the dining table, I quietly asked him if he believed in spirits. I fully expected him to scoff, but he didn't. He said, "I don't know. I guess so." That was the opening that I needed, so I looked at him and told him that his father visited me and has some messages for him. As soon as I mentioned his father, he started crying. A gentle and unbelievable genuine cry. The last time that I had seen my husband cry was 21 years ago when we laid his father to rest. Seeing his tears made me realize that this was something that he had unconsciously been waiting a long time for and the healing effects were immediate. I knew that by using my gift and sharing the messages received, I had broken through an emotional wall that my husband had constructed. He was now free to heal from the loss of his father and express the emotions that he had locked up over twenty years ago.

I want to now share my gifts with as many people as I can, so that they too can achieve the healing and the peace that they deserve. I am beyond honored to share in this incredible cathartic experience with you and can not wait to bridge the gap between you and your loved ones.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

Thank you kindly,

Kara Billard

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